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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What a treat it will be to get to work with talented director Chase Craig again on his short "Family" next month!  Charlotte is super excited to play the role of Amber.  Suspense and unpredictable turns will be a fabulous combination in this project.
Somehow writer/director Chase Craig made Charlotte's recent scene as Danielle in "Hitman Conspiracy" actually fun, even though it will appear to be pretty violent.  She is very excited to see the finished suspense feature! 
What could be more awesome than acting in a horror feature film?!  Charlotte is delighted to have been cast as Amy in "There's a Monster Under My Bed."  She will be shooting more scenes this winter and looks forward to working with Ben Rood and his team soon.
Cast as Rose, Charlotte enjoyed the fantastic & busy three-day shoot of the thesis short "Rose" at Ohio University under the direction of Sarah Kadish.  It was a ambitious project & Sarah and her team made the production seamless and fun.  Thank you, Sarah & crew!!
Also, Charlotte is thrilled to have been cast as Cassie, series regular in "Programmed" tv series.  Here's the logline:  "A secret organization of aliens are using their own technology to program humans in order to over throw governments around the world and obtain global dominance. That is if five escaped prisoners don't stop them first."
Kodjo Somana is directing & heading up a fantastic team.  Season One started filming in April, 2016 & Charlotte had a blast shooting her first episode.  Here's a link to the series' website: 
"Men Go to Battle," the feature film set in Kentucky in 1861 in which Charlotte has a featured role, made it into the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival!!!  This is HUGE for independent film!  Congrats to the amazing team led by director Zachary Treitz, who won Best New Director at the festival. Please find a very favorable review of "Men Go to Battle" by the New Yorker :
"Wings of the Wind" premiered in Columbus, Ohio.  Charlotte really loved working with the Kicks Flicks team and talented cast.  She loved seeing the finished feature-length film, as well as her friends from WOTW. Distribution will be through Christian bookstores, satellite stations & more.  Here is a link to the trailer:
Charlotte's last theatrical role was as a "dame" in "42nd Street," another SCAPA production.  She had so much fun learning the tap dancing routines and songs and can't wait for the shows later this winter.  The hard work by all paid off!!  Great Job!!

In addition, Charlotte had the pleasure of getting to work with the indomitable Deborah Lemen of Lemen Studios in Los Angeles in Deb's weekend Acting Intensive.  She was so energized by Deb and the actors who attended.  What a privilege it was for Charlotte to get to work with these professionals!!!



Also, Charlotte had a blast as one of the three witches in Shakespeare's iconic "Macbeth," a School for Creative & Performing Arts production in November.  "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble" still strikes a chord today in this play written in 1606. Here's a link to a local news story that has Charlotte and fellow cast members adding color to the Halloween scene at Waveland State Historic Site: 




Here's a link to a Lexington Herald-Leader story about this Macbeth cast and Shakespeare, as well.  Charlotte appears in photos:





Charlotte has learned that the TV pilot "Imbalanced," which is about teen mental health issues and was created by award-winning teens Claire Braverman & Tori Taylor has been picked up with the original cast for 20 webisodes!!   Charlotte loved playing the role of Rowan, a teen struggling with anorexia and bulemia and will return to Miami this spring for shooting.  Here's a link to a story in the Miami Herald about the project: 




Immediately afterwards, Charlotte flew to Stagedoor Manor camp!!!  She just returned from working with her cast to bring "Waiting in the Wings" to life.  She enjoyed playing Estelle, a former movie star diva -- a role requiring some tears!  Also, she was honored to have won Best Major Supporting Actress in a drama.


Coming up soon is "Chasing Butterflies," a faith-based feature film being shot near Atlanta.  Charlotte is very much looking forward to playing the role of Micah.