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Dramatic Reel



Charlotte plays a friend who struggles to process a amusing mistake when stopped at the border by customs. 


Thoughts on the Instant of Greeting A Friend on the Street

Charlotte's character is challenged with understanding a mysterious question posed by her boyfriend and sees the bigger picture.

Best Friends Forever

Two BFFs run a hilarious gamut of emotion and topic at their slumber party.


Charlotte plays Luli, who is a damaged 13-year-old girl who runs away from an abusive home and encounters difficult yet colorful characters.


    Rose - full-length short


Charlotte plays the title role in the short based on true life in Appalachia in the 1940s. 

Men Go to Battle - DVD scenes

Charlotte plays Sissy Hamblin in the Tribeca Film Festival feature about two brothers at odds over the Civil War in Kentucky in 1861.

Scenes are from the DVD, available on

Light,  Indy Short Film (NY)  & Brooklyn Film Festival Entry

In Light, Charlotte plays the challenging role of Toni, the daughter of a mentally ill mother who wants them both to leave their unhappy life by joint suicide. 

Here Lies Luther, Indy Short Film (OH)

 Ohio University

In HLL, Charlotte plays Sarah, the devoted and clever niece of Luther, the town's grumpy old man.  He dies, but refuses to leave and Sarah finds the cause of his unrest.


Macbeth, presented by SCAPA

Charlotte loved playing one of Shakespeare's three iconic witches in this classic tragedy.  In this clip, the weird sisters perform a world premiere of the original song, composed by a classmate for this production.