Charlotte Arnold


Slender build

Strawberry blonde with blue eyes (along with brown contacts)

Current Passport
Loves to travel


Family (Short)​                                                              Lead: Amber                                      Chase Craig - Shade Studios

Hitman Conspiracy (Feature)                                  Supporting:  Danielle                       Chase Craig - Shade Studios

Monster Under the Bed (Feature)                          Supporting: Amy                              Ben Rood - Ezra Productions

Rose (Indy Short)                                                         Lead:  Rose                                       Sarah Kadish - Ohio University MFA

Musical Madness (Indy Short in Pre production) Lead: Emma                                      J. J. O'Hearn - Emerald Shamrock Studios

Programmed (TV Pilot in Pre Production)              Series regular:  Cassie                     Kodjo Somana - Kodjoarts

Imbalanced (TV Pilot in Pre production)                Series regular:  Rowan                    Tori Taylor - Points of View Films

Chasing Butterflies (Feature in Pre production)  Featured:  Micah                              Dawn Davis – Two by Two Films

Wings of the Wind (Feature)                                   Supporting:  Hannah Cornell         Kim Robinson – Kicks Flicks Productions
Men Go to Battle (Feature)                                      Featured:  Sissy Tamblin                Zachary Treitz – Antebellum Productions
Camp New (Sit com in Post production)                 Supporting:  Meg                            Kim Robinson - Kicks Flicks Productions
Light (NY Indy Short & Brooklyn Film Festival)       Lead:  Toni                                        Maja Fernqvist - Boy & Bell Productions
Through a Child's Eyes (Indy Short)                        Featured:  Young Olivia                  Ashlee Rose Scott - Dark Forest Productions

Here Lies Luther (Indy Short)                                   Supporting:  Sarah Shedd              Benjamin Volk - Ohio University  


42nd Street                                                                      Supporting:  Ensemble                    Alberta Labrillazo - School for Creative & Performing Arts

Macbeth                                                                           Supporting:  Witch                            Paul Thomas - School for Creative & Performing Arts

Waiting in the Wings                                                    Supporting:  Estelle                           Chris Tyre - Stagedoor Manor Camp, NY

Who Will Carry the Word?                                           Supporting:  Laure                            Paul Thomas - School for Creative & Performing Arts

Shrek                                                                                Technical support                              Alberta Labrillazo - School for Creative & Performing Arts
Twelve Angry Women                                                  Lead:  Juror #8                                   Autumn Smith - Stagedoor Manor Camp, NY
Charlotte's Web                                                             Lead:  Fern Arable                             Amie Kissling – Lexington Children's Theatre
Madeline's Christmas                                                  Supporting:  Ensemble                     Lexington Children's Theatre
Jungle Book                                                                     Lead:  Mowgli                                     Jennifer Miller - LCA

Training & Workshops

Private Acting Coach via Skype             Weekly with Deborah Lemen, Lemen Studios, LA

Private Acting Coach via Skype             With Sean Whalen, LA Actor/Producer/Acting Coach
AMTC Winter 2014 Conference            Professional Training & Showcases, Orlando, FL

                                                                       Won Awards as Finalist for Teen Female Actor & Lifestyle Modeling

Stagedoor Manor Camp                        Acting Camp Three Week Intentive, NY         

                                                                        Won Award for Best Major Supporting Actress in a drama

Improv Workshop                                  VSM Entertainment & Casting

Camp Hollywood                                    Entertainment Industry Education  
Film Production Camp                           Asbury University

Acting for Film Workshops                    Weekly with Lori Knight, Knight Light Entertainment

Private Voice Instruction                       Weekly with Joanna McCarty-Rogers

Private Drama Instruction                     Vanessa Becker, Academy for Creative Excellence

Dance & Poise Instruction                     Created & participates in dance class for actors 

Horseback Riding Instruction                Weekly with Diana Conlon, Robert Murphy Stable